Baddawi Gardens Rehabilitation by UTOPIA

Following a series of capacity-building and empowerment exercises, as well as thorough training on advocacy strategies, the Baddawi Youth Committee carefully studied the needs and challenges in their community, and found that the best Quick Impact Project (QIP) that they could develop as part of the Youth RESOLVE 2 project would be the rehabilitation of the "Baddawi Gardens". A project aimed to provide sustainable agriculture opportunities, as well as a free eco-space for the community. Inspired, the youth went ahead in collaborating with the municipality and were able to drive social change.
The inauguration event took place on February 18, 2023 and included an introductory tour around the gardens, a photo exhibition about the Baddawi Youth Committee achievements, and recreational activities for children. The municipality of Baddawi and key stakeholders from the area participated in the event and showed their support towards the youth.