Refurbishment of Sports Spaces for all by GAME Lebanon

As part of the Youth RESOLVE 2 Project, GAME is refurbishing 30 public spaces for sports all over Lebanon, with the goal of creating safe, inclusive, and accessible spaces for young people to engage in physical activity.

So far, 23 public spaces have been successfully refurbished in Beirut, Bekaa, north, and south of Lebanon. The process of refurbishing these spaces includes collaborating closely with local municipality and leaders to understand their needs and design spaces that truly benefit the community.

These public spaces are being activated through weekly free street sports activities hosted by GAME volunteers through the Playmaker Program. This program aims to bring young people together through sports while promoting life skills like teamwork, leadership, and social inclusion.

Sports are one of the main development tools used by the project, given the inclusive and healthy aspect it incorporates. By refurbishing these public spaces and making them available for free, GAME is lowering the threshold for kids who may not have access to safe and accessible spaces for physical activity due to economic and social reasons