Soft Skills Training by World Vision Lebanon

After carefully studying the local needs in the region, the Sin El Fil Youth Committee finalized their first Quick Impact Project led by World Vision Lebanon which consisted in providing vocational training sessions for 12 young people that were selected based on their background and socio-economic situation, to alleviate the lack of work opportunities and unemployment among youth in the area.

The sessions, which extended into 15 consecutive dates, aimed to provide participants with skills that would allow them access to work opportunities in the food sector namely the preparation of baked sweets and patisserie. 

Students and young professionals, young men and women from different fields aged 18 to 40, and Syrian refugees attended the trainings.

The objective of the sessions included the manufacturing of sweets, learning about food safety and hygiene principles, and understanding the components of various bread and pastry preparation and serving techniques. 

The purpose of this project is to lead youth into finding work as assistant pastry chefs, assistant bakers, or as designers and decorators of baked sweets.

Angela, an 18-year-old hotel management student from Sin El Fil, testified that the training allowed her to develop her hospitality skills and supported her educational field. “The course was really resourceful as I learnt a lot from the chef and from the attendees who had valuable experience”, she said.